Call Me Tree/Llámame Árbol

Written and illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez

Hardcover: $19.95


What does it mean to be like a tree?
For one young child, it all begins
as a tiny seed
that is free to grow
and reach out to others
while standing strong and tall—
just like a tree in the natural world.

With this gentle and imaginative story about becoming your fullest self, Maya Christina Gonzalez empowers young readers to dream and reach . . . and to be as free and unique as trees.

Read why Maya Christina Gonzalez decided to make her new picture book Call Me Tree completely gender free.

Playing with Pronouns, Gender-Inclusive Educational Cards featuring Call Me Tree from Maya Gonzalez 
Simple card games to breakdown stereotypes, practice inclusive pronouns & expand everyday understanding beyond the binary for ages 4-9. 

Based on the children's books, They She He Me: Free to Be, and They, She, He easy as ABC  and developed by queer/trans parents this revolutionary card deck uses PLAY and PRONOUNS as a familiar way to address gender with young kids. 

Playing with Pronouns is about expanding the way we teach and talk about gender from the beginning! Not just for one kid or a select group of kids. Research shows that all kids in more inclusive environments develop greater critical thinking skills. 

About the Creators

Thumb_thumb Maya Christina Gonzalez - Author, Illustrator

is a widely exhibited artist renowned for her vivid imagery of strong women and girls. She has illustrated nearly twenty children’s books, and her artwork has appeared on the cover of Contemporary Chicano/a Art. My Colors, My World was the first book Maya both wrote and illustrated. Books that Maya illustrated include Laughing Tomatoes, From the Bellybutton of the Moon, and Angels Ride Bikes. She lives and plays in San Francisco, California.