Don't Say a Word, Mamá / No digas nada, Mamá

By Joe Hayes
Illustrated by Esau Andrade Valencia

Paperback: $12.95


Author Joe Hayes and artist Esau Andrade team up to deliver an affectionate tale about siblings and familial love. Two sisters try to outdo each other with generous gifts. Each new offering from one sister to the other is a secret to everyone except their mother who is tasked with keeping quiet. This fun read aloud will have readers crying out, "Don't say a word, Mama!" Until, of course, she does.

El autor Joe Hayes y el artista Esau Andrade se unen para ofrecer una historia afectuosa sobre los hermanos y el amor familiar. Dos hermanas intentan superarse entre sí con generosos regalos. Cada nueva ofrenda de una hermana a la otra es un secreto para todos, excepto para su madre, que tiene la tarea de guardar silencio. Esta divertida lectura en voz alta hará que los lectores griten: "¡No digas una palabra, mamá!" Hasta que, por supuesto, lo hace.

About the Creators

Thumb_joehayes Joe Hayes - Author

Joe Hayes is one of America's premier storytellers. He grew up in a small town in southern Arizona where he started learning Spanish from his classmates. As Joe got older, he began reading the work of folklorists and anthropologists and gathering the old stories from the Southwest region. His books have received the Arizona Young Readers Award, two Land of Enchantment Children's Book Awards, the Texas Bluebonnet award, and the National Storytelling Network Talking Leaves Award. He lives in New Mexico.

Esau Andrade Valencia

Esau Andrade Valencia comes from a family of Mexican folk artists. His paintings are included in the collection of the Museum of Latin American Art as well as in the Downey Museum of Art in California. His books for Cinco Puntos Press include A Perfect Season for Dreaming / Un tiempo perfecto para soñar and Don't Say a Word, Mamá / No digas nada, Mamá.