Grandma's Purple Flowers

By Adjoa J. Burrowes

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Grandma's house has always been the narrator's favorite place. On her way to visit Grandma, she plucks daisies and sunflowers, and best of all, purple flowers—Grandma's favorites. Whenever Grandma sees the purple flowers, her smile grows wide—like the Mississippi River.

Grandma passes away, and all winter long, the young girl is sad, missing her grandmother terribly. When spring finally arrives, and flowers begin to shoot up from the ground, the girl discovers her own special way to accept her grandmother's death and keep Grandma with her always.

In this moving story, author/illustrator Adjoa J. Burrowes deals sensitively with the difficult experience of death and tells a story that celebrates the triumph of hope and spirit during a difficult time.

About the Creators

Thumb_thumb Adjoa J. Burrowes - Author

has illustrated many books for children, including two published by Lee & Low: My Steps, a Child magazine Best Book of the Year, and Grandma's Purple Flowers, which she also wrote, an American Bookseller "Pick of the Lists" selection. In addition, Burrowes has written and illustrated several books for Lee & Low's Bebop Books educational imprint. Burrowes received a Fine Arts degree from Howard University and currently lives with her children in Herndon, Virginia. To find out more about Adjoa Burrowes, visit her Web site: