Sélavi (That is Life): A Haitian Story of Hope

Written and illustrated by Youme

Paperback: $12.95


A homeless boy wanders the streets of Haiti, until he finds other children like him. His new friends help the boy pick a name for himself--Sélavi, Kreyol for that is life. All these children had faced tragedy like Sélavi and had no one to care for them. But they share the little food they each manage to scavenge, and they watch out for one another.

Together they find the voice to express the needs of Timoun Lari, the children who live in the streets. With a caring community they are able to build a shelter, and from there they create Radyo Timoun, Children's Radio. A station run by and for children--their stories, questions, and suggestions were broadcast for all to hear. Though more obstacles come their way, they've learned that when people band together and form a community, everyone is lifted. "We may be a single drop of water, but together we can be a mighty river."

About the Creators

Thumb_preview Youme - Author, Illustrator

Youme grew up loving stories. She has lived and worked as a community artist in New York, New Haven, Miami, Woods Hole, San Francisco, Kenya, Japan, Lao P.D.R., Vietnam, St. John, U.S.V.I., Haiti, and Cuba. Youme's books include Selavi (That Is Life)-A Haitian Story of Hope, Mali Under the Night Sky-A Lao Story of Home, and Pitch Black with Anthony Horton. She is drawn to stories of survival and champions for social justice. Youme lives in an ever changing location with her partner and their two children.