What Can Fly?

By D. H. Figueredo

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A bird can fly. A plane can fly.
What else can fly?

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Thumb_thumb D. H. Figueredo - Author

is the author of LEE & LOW's When This World Was New, and The Road to Santiago. A native of Cuba who has lived in New Jersey since he was a teenager. Figueredo is the director of the Bloomfield College Library and is the author of Cleaning Day and Big Snowball Fight, published by Bebop Books. He lives in Piscataway, New Jersey, with his wife and their children.

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Paperback: 9781600606854

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Grades PreK - K

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Grades PreK - K


Comparing/Classifying/Measuring, Photographic Illustrations, Nature/Science, Vehicles In Motion, Nonfiction, Similarities and Differences, Environment/Nature, Animals, Exploring Ecosystems, Informational Text

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