The Wind Called My Name

By Mary Louise Sanchez

Hardcover: $20.95


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Some days, ten-year-old Margarita Sandoval feels as if the wind might blow her away. The country has been gripped by the Great Depression, so times are hard everywhere. Then she has to leave her família in New Mexico -- especially her beloved Abuelita -- to move to Fort Steele, Wyoming, where her father has taken a job on the railroad.

When Margarita meets Caroline, she's excited to have a friend her own age in Wyoming. But it often seems like Caroline, like many other people in town, doesn't understand or appreciate the Sandovals' Hispanic heritage. At the same time, the Sandovals discover that Abuelita might lose her home unless they can pay off her tax bill. Can Margarita keep her friend, help her family in New Mexico, and find a place in Fort Steele for good?

About the Creators

Thumb_mary_louise_sanchez_resized Mary Louise Sanchez - Author

Mary Louise Sanchez is a retired schoolteacher and librarian. The Wind Called My Name is based in part on her family history, particularly the life of her grandmother, who also moved from New Mexico to Wyoming as a young girl. The Wind Called My Name is her debut novel. A winner of the Tu Books New Visions Award, Mary Louise lives with her husband near Denver, Colorado.