Vámonos: Mexican Folk Art Transport in English and Spanish

By Cynthia Weill

Hardcover: $19.95


You're invited on a trip to a special place and there are many ways to get there. You could take a bike, a bus, or even a boat! The folk-art pieces were lovingly handmade by Oaxacan craftsmen Augustín Tinoco Cruz, Martín Melchor, Maximino Santiago, and Avelino Pérez—all of whom have longstanding relationships with Cynthia Weill. Vámonos will spark a lifelong love of languages and libraries in young readers. Grab your favorite person to read with and let's go!

About the Creators

Thumb_preview Cynthia Weill - Author

Cynthia Weill holds a doctorate in education from Teachers College Columbia University. She has worked as an educator and in the field of international development. She has been fascinated with Oaxacan crafts since 1996 when she taught in Mexico through the Fulbright exchange. She is on the advisory board of the Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art Foundation whose mission is to promote and preserve the artists and artisanal work of the state. She has published eight books that feature the folk art of Oaxaca.