A Morning with Grandpa

By Publishers Weekly

In a charming outing from newcomer Liu, which won the publisher’s 2013 New Voices Award, a girl named Mei Mei gets a backyard tai chi lesson from her grandfather. Gong Gong’s movements are graceful and calm, but Mei Mei has a more raucous approach: during the “Play the Lute” pose, Gong Gong is “a musician serenading the sunflowers. Mei Mei [is] a rock star playing guitar for the daisies.” Then Mei Mei steps into the teaching role, walking Gong Gong through a few yoga poses. Forshay’s polished digital art lends both characters distinctive and contrasting personalities. Closing instructions highlight the tai chi and yoga poses discussed, but the book’s sweetness stems from the thoughtful gentleness with which Gong Gong guides Mei Mei, never restraining her natural exuberance.