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Lee & Low Books is proud to publish a wide selection of children's books focused on the Black and African American experience. Find award-winning books about Black history and culture for young readers of all ages, including picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels. Our collections feature a wide range of genres, including nonfiction biographies of important figures in Black history and culture like Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Wangari Maathai, Paul Robeson, Bob Marley, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, and many more; page-turning fiction featuring African American main characters; and poetry. Jump in and find the perfect book for every reader!

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Danza Africana

By Patricia A. Keeler

Illustrated by Patricia A. Keeler


Lily's New Home

By Paula Yoo

Illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez


Richard Wright y el carné de biblioteca

By William Miller

Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie


Black Was the Ink

By Michelle Coles

Illustrated by Justin Johnson


Poems in the Attic

By Nikki Grimes

Illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon


Bottle Tops

By Alison Goldberg

Illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon


Allie's Basketball Dream

By Barbara E. Barber

Illustrated by Darryl Ligasan


Babu's Song

By Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

Illustrated by Aaron Boyd


Black All Around

By Patricia Hubbell

Illustrated by Don Tate


The Bus Ride

By William Miller

Illustrated by John Ward


Children of Long Ago

By Lessie Jones Little

Illustrated by Jan Gilchrist


Chess Rumble

By G. Neri

Illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson


Catching the Moon

By Crystal Hubbard

Illustrated by Randy DuBurke


Christmas Makes Me Think

By Tony Medina

Illustrated by Chandra Cox