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Tu Books


Where Fantasy and Real Life Collide

Tu Books is an imprint dedicated to publishing middle grade and young adult novels that will spark your imagination, move your spirit, and keep you turning the pages. If our world alone does not satisfy you, you are a Tu reader. If you look for books that are doorways to other times, places, and civilizations—with heroes and heroines that all readers can connect with—you are a Tu reader. Our readers are unconventional by choice. They dare to imagine the unimaginable.

The word “tu” means “you” in many languages, and in Ainu (the language of Japan’s native people) it means “many.” At Tu Books, we don’t believe that the worlds within books should be any less rich or diverse than the world we live in. Our stories are inspired by many cultures from around the world, to reach the “you” in every reader.

Tu Books was created for a specific reason. The present and the future belong to everyone and to limit this reality is a fantasy. Adventure, excitement, and who gets the girl (or boy) are not limited to one race or species. The role of hero is up for grabs, and we mean to take our shot.

Examples, you ask? Killer of Enemies is an Apache steampunk thriller. Summer of the Mariposas is a sisterhood adventure that mixes The Odyssey and Mexican folklore in a modern-day setting. Interested yet?

The Tu imprint spans many genres: science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and more. We don’t believe in labels or limits, just in great stories. Join us at the crossroads where fantasy and real life collide. You’ll be glad you did.

2015 Tu Books Catalog

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New Visions Award


Interview with Karen Sandler about Tankborn
By Karen Sandler
A video interview with author Karen Sandler as she describes the world in her book Tankborn.
Interview with Joseph Bruchac about Wolf Mark
By Joseph Bruchac
Author Joseph Bruchac discusses his paranormal novel for young adult readers, Wolf Mark.
Cindy Pon on Reading Beyond Reality
By Stacy Whitman
Cindy Pon writes the kind of fantasy that Tu Books will be focusing on: fantasy inspired by a minority/non-Western culture, with characters and themes who have fears and hopes and challenges that a reader from any culture can relate to.
Cynthia Leitich Smith on Living in a Multicultural World
By Stacy Whitman
Today, we talk to her about living in a multicultural world. I especially love her answers (and everyone's answers so far) about her reading preferences as a teen, because we're all so different, and we each have different needs and interests as readers.
Is Multicultural the Right Word?
By Stacy Whitman
I especially find interesting the idea of the word "multicultural" being taken off the table.