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Bebop Books Guided Reading 2023 Catalog Bebop Books Guided Reading Catalog • Dual language and diverse leveled reading collections in English and Spanish from A to Z+
2023 Frontlist Catalog 2023 New Titles Flyer • Our newest picture books, middle grade, and young adult titles releasing in 2023
Middle Grade and Young Adult Catalog • Diverse books for older readers in middle school and high school
Diverse Leveled Bookrooms Diverse Leveled Bookrooms • Bring more equity, inclusion, and diversity into your leveled bookrooms with our diverse, customizable, curated offerings.
Reading Recovery Reading Recovery • These exclusive bundles of Bebop titles in English and Spanish have been compiled to fill a Reading Recovery® teacher’s library, offering diverse and authentic literature that reflects students' cultures and experiences.

Book of the Month School Year Calendar • We hope you read diverse books with young people everyday, but here's a starter list to read aloud for grades K–5 during additional special opportunities throughout the year to highlight diverse stories, voices, and creators.

Guide to Reading at Home with Children (in English & Spanish) • Foster a love of books and reading with the young people in your life with this helpful guide.



Identity-Centered Reading Lists

Asian American and Pacific Islander Books • High-quality Asian American and Pacific Islander Books help build and affirm a child’s identity and culture. Lee & Low Books is proud to be a 100% Asian American-owned company, and we commit to publishing books by AAPI creators that illuminate America’s history of Asian American discrimination alongside books that celebrate AAPI contributions.
Anti-Racism Diverse Reading List Anti-Racism Diverse Reading List • Are you looking to add anti-racist books to your library but don't know where to start? The books in this collection will help you take the first steps or continue the critical discussions about anti-racism work relevant to your setting.
Authentic Spanish Reading List Authentic Spanish Books for Grades PreK–12 • High-quality bilingual and Spanish books help build a solid foundation to achieve Spanish literacy or bilingualism while also affirming and validating a child’s identity, culture, and home language.
Books About Joy: A Diverse Reading List • A disproportionate number of books about BIPOC protagonists focus on their marginalization. Though it is important for children to understand the history and complexity of oppression, racism, and discrimination, children—especially children of color—also deserve to see themselves thrive and to experience the joy of being part of a loving community. We've compiled a list of diverse books that reflect the daily lives of children and the joy of play, family and friends, and being themselves!
Chinese and Lunar New Year Celebrations: Books & Resource Guide for Teachers • Many countries celebrate the Lunar New Year, including China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, and Tibet. Lunar New Year celebrations also take place in the United States and around the world, held by people with heritage from these countries. Here are some ideas to help you and your students get involved with reading and writing about the Chinese and Lunar New Year celebrations (also called the Spring Festival).
LGBTQ+ Reading List LGBTQ+ Reading List • These books capture the celebration of the gender spectrum, family structures, sexuality, identity, and more through engaging storylines featuring relatable children and young people.
Women's Empowerment Text Sets Women's Empowerment Text Sets • These mentor texts feature female historical figures and girl characters who exhibit independence and determination as they solve problems, strive for their dreams, and achieve their goals.



Thematic Reading Lists

Diversity in Civics • Civics and civic engagement are crucial to education and the preservation of our democracy. The key concepts of understanding how government works, engaging in and appreciating discourse and different beliefs, learning about the voting process, and working with the community are critical to students’ academic success and wellbeing. The state of civics education is in great need: students need to learn about all aspects of civics to be effective members of society.
Diverse Summer Reading List • Our newest picture books, middle grade, and young adult titles releasing in 2024
High Interest Low Readability Diverse Reading List • High-Low books provide literacy support through carefully chosen sentence structures, vocabulary, effective text features, illustrations, and compelling stories that align with and appeal to students' interests. The books in this list help struggling and reluctant readers grow their literacy skills with engaging, diverse books that they can and want to read.
Poetry Resource Guide for Teachers • This guide provides tips and strategies from renowned poet, educator, and literacy advocate Pat Mora about how to use poetry with students in various educational settings and creative ways to make poetry fun and engaging for young people.
Reading Skills Booklist • The following books facilitate and support high quality standards-based instruction of foundational concepts, including: (1) boosting comprehension, (2) enriching vocabulary, (3) understanding story structure, (4) supporting multilingual learners, (5) building background knowledge, and (6) understanding characters’ thoughts and feelings.
Re-Imagining Migration: Using Children’s Literature to Teach the Learning Arc Framework • Lee & Low Books in partnership with Re-Imagining Migration strives for all students to see the richness, relevancy, and impact of migration on our collective history, not just a current event happening today or to only “some” students. In this infographic, we seek to convey migration is a shared experience we all have.
Social Activism Diverse Reading List Social Activism Diverse Reading List • Encourage social activism and community with these mentor texts modelling proactive behaviors through determined characters and their respective causes.
Social and Emotional Learning Diverse Reading List Social and Emotional Learning Diverse Reading List • SEL read-alouds to pair with your curriculum, to help model strategies for tackling challenges and building community.
STEM Diverse Reading List • Showing diversity of people and communities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is critical to inspiring and preparing our next generation of thinkers, leaders, and citizens. This beautiful collection of STEM titles features innovators and trailblazers from diverse backgrounds and historically underrepresented/excluded communities protecting Earth's ecosystems.
Teaching About Juneteenth With Children’s Books: Book & Resource List • Juneteenth, a blending of the words June and nineteenth, is an annual celebration on June 19th commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The following books address Black and African American culture and joy, as well as slavery and enslaved people during American history.
Teaching About Reconstruction Through Children’s Books: Book & Resource List • The following books discuss the period of U.S. Reconstruction as well as the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and present day. These award-winning titles by authors and illustrators from diverse backgrounds will help support your teaching this complex, under-taught period of American history, with a special focus on historical accuracy, sensitivity, and cultural responsiveness. The books are divided into time periods to aid in your teaching about Reconstruction and the time periods before and after 1865-1877.
Teaching About Slavery Through Children’s Books: Book & Resource List • The following books address slavery and enslaved people during American history. These awardwinning titles will help support your teaching this complex, under-taught period of American history, with a special focus on historical accuracy and cultural responsiveness.
Trauma-Informed Education Diverse Reading List Trauma-Informed Education Diverse Reading List • These recommended books showcase child protagonists who cope with trauma in a variety of ways and provide students the opportunity to discuss trauma through the lens of a relatable and engaging character.

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