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The reading experience often begins before you open a book, and doesn't end when you close the book. In our Interviews section, authors and illustrators of our award-winning fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books share their worlds with you. Authors answer questions about how they became writers and where their ideas come from, and relate their experiences during the writing and editing stages. Illustrators discuss their creative processes, research, and commitment to authenticity. Both authors and illustrators stress the importance of diversity in stories and images, which helps children see themselves in the pages of a book.

In conjunction with the collection of articles in the Writers and Illustrators section, the Interviews section invites you to learn about the creative process from published authors and illustrators who offer advice and inspiration, and share their hopes for what readers will take with them after their stories end.

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Book Trailer for It Jes' Happened
By Don Tate
Book trailer for the nonfiction picture book, It Jes' Happened: When Bill Traylor Started to Draw.
The Staff of LEE & LOW Walks 12 Miles
Four brave desk jockeys set out to see what it is like to walk twelve miles through the streets of New York City.
Video Interview with Christy Hale about the East-West House
By Christy Hale
Author/illustrator Christy Hale discusses the motivation and process behind her book, The East-West House: Noguchi's Childhood in Japan.
Inside the Artists' Studio with Ted and Betsy Lewin
By Jason Low
Author/illustrators Ted and Betsy Lewin invite us inside their Brooklyn studio to talk about their book, Balarama.
Paula Yoo talks about her book Shining Star
By Paula Yoo
Being a Film Pioneer is Not An Easy Role to Play. Starring Anna May Wong. A picture book biography written by Paula Yoo.
Video interview with G. Neri and Jesse Joshua Watson
By Jason Low
An interview with with G. Neri and Jesse Joshua Watson about their book Chess Rumble.
Chess Rumble Book Trailer
By G. Neri
A book trailer promoting the book Chess Rumble.
Discussion Questions for Alicia Afterimage
Discussion questions developed to promote discussion after reading Alicia Afterimage. Ideal for books groups or classroom discussions.
Interview with Lulu Delacre about Alicia Afterimage
By Jason Low
In this interview, Delacre talks about why she decided to write and publish this book and what she learned about her daughter by talking to the friends she left behind.
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