LEE & LOW BOOKS, America's largest multicultural children's book publisher, is proud to offer books that celebrate the diversity of America's communities and classrooms. Our award-winning books are culturally authentic and published with care, offering both "mirrors and windows" for every reader. Books affirm children's identities while meeting the demands of educational standards. These diverse books include a range of high-interest topics, meaningful themes, genres, and complexity to meet young readers' varied needs and turn them into lifelong readers.

African/African American Interest

Find award-winning books about Black history and culture for young readers, including nonfiction biographies of important figures in Black history and page-turning fiction.

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Asian/Asian American Interest

Find award-winning books for young readers featuring Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, and Hmong cultures, including several bilingual titles.

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Latino Interest

Find award-winning books highlighting the wide diversity of Latino cultures, including bilingual and dual language editions and books set throughout the United States, Central America, and South America.

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Middle Eastern and/or Muslim Interest

Find a range of children's books featuring Muslim and Middle Eastern cultures including nonfiction biographies of important figures in history and culture such as Muhammad Yunus; page-turning fiction featuring Middle Eastern main characters; and poetry.

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Native American Interest

Find a wide range of Native American, First Nations, and Indigenous children's and young adult books, including many #ownvoices titles by Native authors and illustrators.

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Amelia's Road

By Linda Jacobs Altman

Illustrated by Enrique O. Sanchez


Aani and the Tree Huggers

By Jeannine Atkins

Illustrated by Venantius J. Pinto


Little Sap and Monsieur Rodin

By Michelle Lord

Illustrated by Felicia Hoshino


Home at Last

By Susan Middleton Elya

Illustrated by Felipe Davalos


Love to Mamá

By Pat Mora

Illustrated by Paula Barragán


¡Beisbol! Latino Baseball Pioneers and Legends

By Jonah Winter

Illustrated by Jonah Winter


The Bus Ride

By William Miller

Illustrated by John Ward


The Blue Roses

By Linda Boyden

Illustrated by Amy Córdova


Grandma's Purple Flowers

By Adjoa J. Burrowes



By George Ancona

Illustrated by George Ancona


I Had a Hippopotamus

By Hector Viveros Lee

Illustrated by Hector Viveros Lee


Juneteenth Jamboree

By Carole Boston Weatherford

Illustrated by Yvonne Buchanan


The Birthday Swap

By Loretta Lopez

Illustrated by Loretta Lopez


Frederick Douglass

By William Miller

Illustrated by Cedric Lucas


Drumbeat in Our Feet

By Patricia A. Keeler

Illustrated by Patricia A. Keeler