By Best Fantasy Stories

When we left Kayla and Devak, they were dealing with the fact that a high born like Devak could never be with a GEN like Kayla. It is this theme of the star crossed lovers that continues as a thread through the entire series. But there is more to the Tankborn series than romance. The question of genetics, racial equality, and even the role of religion are all explored in this series. But it is the characters and their?situations that you will fall in love with. . . . It is hard sometimes to remember that Kayla and Devak are only 16. They are both fighting for changes in their country, changes that could bring equality. But at the same time, I liked that they can both be these surly and argumentative teens that they are. This is a great Sci Fi series with lots of little touches that remind us we are not on earth. . . . I’m really looking forward to the third and final book in the Tankborn trilogy.

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