Baseball Saved Us

By BookDads

Inspiring, gripping, moving, NO, this is not some half-billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster; Baseball Saved Us is a Parents’ Choice Award winning children’s picture book by Ken Mochizuki. . . . Brilliant is how the story draws you in with piercing illustrations by Dom Lee, depicting vivid accounts of the unassuming, dare I say, runty narrator. Behind this grim backdrop is a story in a story, one outlining the coming together of an ousted group of Americans and the other, of a young man trying to find himself in the world. At the center of these engaging stories, is a strong and rightfully bitter father who delivers a brief get-a-way for the camp and an undersized confidence swaying son through the game of baseball. Not the X’s and O’s of the game of baseball but the spirit of the game fills their respective voids in and out of the internment camp. Put the Kleenex on pause because there are magical triumphs that leave readers pumping their fist in victory with one crack of the bat. Who knew a kid’s book could pack such a punch? A must read!!!