¡Beisbol! Latino Baseball Pioneers and Legends

By Center for Children's Books

(The Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books) Following the format of Fair Ball!, Winter presents fourteen early Latin American baseball superpowers who collectively clawed their way to U.S. recognition, respect, and finally, acclaim. Although all highlighted players are notable for prowess on the field, the range of national background, professional experience, and name recognition for North American readers is quite broad…Winter’s text pumps the stats and career hype certain to please browsers and serious readers alike, and his baseball-card-style acrylic action “shots” capture the glaring whites, Day-Glo color highlights, and deep shadows of a blazing summer day at the park. A brief introduction comments generally on racial discrimination in the U.S. major leagues… A concluding “Players at a Glance” page summarizes the superlatives, suggesting some strong candidates for a fresh set of sports heroes.