Celebrate! Connections Among Cultures

By School Library Journal

Colorful, inviting photographs introduce readers to connections among cultures from around the world. The book looks at celebrations among the Tibetans and Sherpas of the Himalaya, Tuareg of the Sahara, Aborigines of Australia, Sami of the Arctic Circle, Yanomami of the Amazon, Inuit of North America, and Balinese of South Asia, and includes corresponding entries from the U.S. Reynolds clearly shows that while every culture has its own traditions and reasons for celebrating, these events have much in common - people gather together, eat and drink, decorate themselves, make music, dance, and use fire. The excellent-quality photographs and the brief, engaging text come together to promote the theme: ‘We are one human family celebrating life on Earth!’ A pronunciation guide, author’s note, and map are appended. A welcome addition to multicultural literature.