COLLTS Spanish Kit: Cultivating Oral Language and Literacy Talents in Students

By The American Institutes for Research AIR

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Introducing the COLLTS Instructional Resource from AIR

Cultivating Oral Language and Literacy Talents in Students (COLLTS) is a research-based PreK dual language instructional resource from The Center for English Learners at the American Institutes for Research (AIR). A major goal of the Center for English Learners at AIR is to create the highest quality early childhood resource to meet the needs of English learners and Dual language learners and that all children can benefit from. The COLLTS instructional resource is distributed exclusively by Bebop Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books.

What skills does the COLLTS instructional resource develop?

Through the use of interactive reading with outstanding children’s literature, this resource promotes the development of:

  • foundational and pre-reading skills
  • oral language proficiency
  • background and conceptual knowledge

What ages is COLLTS designed for?

The COLLTS instructional resource is designed for use in Kindergarten and PreKindergarten.

What does the COLLTS instructional resource consist of?

The COLLTS Bebop resource consists of six units, each with five lessons centered around a children’s book. Books must be purchased separately here.

Can COLLTS be integrated into our current program or curriculum?

Yes! COLLTS lessons are designed to easily fit into an ongoing early childhood program. Each teacher-directed component of a COLLTS lesson is 15 minutes long. Ten-minute center activities complement and extend the teacher-directed lessons.

What is included in the COLLTS Spanish Kit?

Purchase of this kit includes:

  • six units in Spanish, with five lessons each
  • teaching guides
  • writing activities
  • picture cards with target vocabulary
  • observational protocol for coaches
  • bilingual family literacy take-home handouts

Check out the materials in this video:

What is not included in the COLLTS Spanish Kit?

This kit does not include Spanish read aloud books, around which lessons are centered. Books must be purchased separately here.

This kit also does not include any materials in English—those may be purchased separately here or together with the English ($100 savings) here.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about the research supporting COLLTS, the authors, and professional developments and trainings, visit our COLLTS page

Read frequently asked questions here

Find an easy-to-share PDF about COLLTS here.

To learn more or receive a sample, fill out our interest form or contact us at

To speak with the authors of the instructional resource or schedule professional development for your district and school (offered through the American Institutes for Research), please contact

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