David's Drawings

By Reading Teacher

When great minds come together the results can be outstanding, and for David’s Drawings by Cathryn Falwell this collaboration results in much more than a beautiful picture. On the walk to school one day, David sees a tree in a snow-covered field. As the school day begins, David starts to draw this picture. With a fresh pencil and a clean piece of paper, he sketches his tree only to realize something is missing. With help from his classmates, the tree transforms from a lone figure in a snowy field to a beautiful, blooming tree surrounded by flowers, rainbows, and sunshine. As the tree blooms with each child’s addition, so does David, experiencing for the first time acceptance and enjoyment from his fellow classmates. Accompanied by Falwell’s realistic cut-paper and collage illustrations, David’s Drawings explores the dynamics in teamwork that can make the creative process more meaningful.