Donde las maravillas crecen

By Booklist

González’s poetic, eloquent writing is successfully complemented by Garcia’s stunning paintings, full of color and energy, in this book about a grandmother sharing her love and affinity for nature with the youngest generation in her family. Grandma tells the children stories in her garden, but, rather than focus on the greenery and plant growth, she introduces them to the mineral and crystal wonders of the earth, speaking to these elements’ impact on their family’s ancestors and Indigenous culture as a whole. Through the grandmother’s voice, González ties together earthen and ethereal elements with these natural wonders: volcanic rocks (fire), crystals (earth), shells (water), and meteorites (air), inspiring a sense of curiosity and awe in her listeners. Readers will revel in Garcia’s nearly psychedelic application of color and emotion in paintings inspired by and depicting the author’s own family. From a thoughtful author’s note to the readers’ guide at the end of the book, this author-illustrator team offers their readers a thought-provoking, mind-expanding piece of art that shows gratitude to our planet.