Drumbeat in Our Feet

By NY Amsterdam News

‘Drumbeat in Our Feet” is a winner that will dance its way into your mind, soul and feet. It will open your mind to the rich dance traditions of Angola and satisfy your soul on two levels: as an enjoyable title and as an engaging educational tool. And it will make you want to dance and dance and dance!

This frontrunner scores as an engaging read as Keeler and Leitao bring us into their world. … In effect, through the authors’ words we feel that we are a part of the dance lessons.

“Drumbeat in Our Feet” is a fantastic title. It is for children, but it speaks to adults about the importance of knowing and preserving our culture. GoGAB highly recommends this dance education title for every summer program. During the school year, we highly recommend a “Drumbeat in Our Feet” dance education curriculum. “Drumbeat in Our Feet” is what enriched learning is all about. It is fun!