Home at Last

By Midwest Book Review

With unsentimental grace, Home At Last tells a realistic, personal story of a Mexican family adjusting to new surroundings when they move to the United States. This picture book for older children is all the more moving when it reveals — through the eyes of their young daughter — the obstacles that adult non-English speaking immigrants face every day. Mama misses the love and support of her extended family back home, is afraid when she and the children are alone in their American apartment. Papa works long hours, and cannot be there when medical help is needed for the baby, so she finally musters up enough bravery to enter an “English as a Second Language” night class. Little Ana’s progress in school boosts Mama’s spirit and confidence too, and so together the family discovers the true meaning of home. It’s a touching story that speaks to both immigrant and non-immigrant families without guise or pretension.