By School Library Journal

This picture-book biography follows the life of Soichiro Honda, born in 1906, from his beginnings as a boy working in his father’s smith shop to his international success as a manufacturer. Weston’s writing is clear and accessible, even to those who might not know any automotive lingo. The book reads like a story, with fictionalization of Honda’s thoughts and dialogue and emphasis on his persistence and ingenuity. Yamasaki’s acrylic illustrations dominate each page. . . . Readers will find little men climbing on the engine parts and pieces of machinery swirling up into the air like dust, miniature cars going around a globe and down Honda’s arm, and figures on tiny motorcycles on mountains as a backdrop to modern, colorfully clad men and women riding on the road. Yamasaki’s creative composition makes the pictures interesting and dynamic. There has been very little published about Honda for children. This story takes a step toward filling that gap.