Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-ji

By A Fuse #8 Production

A story that combines contemporary Indian-American life, good old-fashioned storytelling, and delicious food all in one place. Add in the rather striking illustrations by newcomer Ken Min and you’ve a tasty concoction worthy of your notice. . . . [F. Zia] seems like an old hand at this game. Her words repeat beautifully at the beginning and the ending of the tale. She works common Hindi words and phrases into the story so naturally that you can’t imagine the text existing without them. Best of all, she’s evocative. Min’s book works because he has no problem working Zia’s text in with his own images. Sometimes you wonder if he didn’t cut a figure out and then just re-glue it to the page. Whatever it is he’s done, it keeps the images from turning flat at any point. Excellent! —A Fuse #8 Production