I'll Build You a Bookcase (Spanish Bilingual Edition)

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This bilingual picture book encourages a love of books in children by building a place for them, both physically, in the form of a bookcase, and emotionally, in a child's heart. In Shin's warm artwork, adults model a love of books by constructing different types of shelves at different points in a child's development, and there is imagination, exploration, and time for bonding with every new bookcase. And when the families' personal needs for book storage are complete, they share their book love even further by building community shelves. Each two-page spread includes the text in both English and Spanish, each in a tidy, lilting rhyme scheme, and the families presented are refreshingly inclusive, encompassing a wide range of races, genders, and ages. Also available in Arabic, Mandarin, and Vietnamese versions, this cozy book speaks volumes about the fun of reading.

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