Jim Thorpe's Bright Path

By Kirkus Reviews

The creators of Crazy Horse’s Vision (2000) offer another inspiring American portrait, again focusing on their subject’s youth and extraordinary accomplishments. Dubbed Wa-tho-huck (Bright Path) by his Pottowatomie mother, Thorpe attended several Indian schools, struggling with academics but finding his path in sports, and emerging as the 20th century’s most widely gifted… athlete. Nelson switches to a less-stylized, mystical look for the illustrations, depicting Thorpe growing from lad to burly manhood, chasing down a jackrabbit, standing downcast at lonely or sad moments, dashing past rival runners or football players as he flashes a faint restrained smile. Finished with a career recap, plus a discussion of the long effort to restore Thorpe’s confiscated medals… young readers in need of a role model could hardly do better.