Juna and Appa

By Publishers Weekly

A girl goes on a series of imaginary adventures with unique fathers from the natural world in this captivating follow-up to Juna’s Jar. Juna, who cues as Korean American, enjoys helping her Appa at the family’s dry cleaning shop, but when an expensive garment goes missing, she’s instructed to sit still. Though the child attempts to comply, daydreaming repeatedly brings her face-to-face with different animal dads, including a greater rhea bird (who, back matter notes, warms eggs for weeks before they hatch), a giant water bug (who carries eggs on his back), and a Darwin’s frog (who swallows his offspring for safety, then burps them up). While none of the interactions locate the missing item, they do remind Juna of the bond she shares with Appa—a caring connection that helps the pair transcend the day’s stresses. Hoshino’s gentle watercolors work hand in hand with the dreamy elements of Park’s sensitive story. An author’s note concludes.