Love to Mamá

By Kirkus Reviews

The warmth of family life, especially that of mothers, aunts, and grandmothers, pervades this delightful collection of poems by Latino writers from various national backgrounds. Some are funny, such as “The Race,” by Jennifer Trujillo, which tells the story of a great-grandmother who as a young girl won a horse race against all the fancy cabelleros; and some bring tears, such as Carmen D. Lucca’s “I Helped My Mom Not to Be Late for Work.” Although the voices are Latino, the poems and the experiences they encompass will speak to all. As poet Rane Arroyo says, “Two languages make you a rich man.” Spanish words are freely sprinkled throughout the book, which includes a glossary and pronunciation key… Ecuadorian illustrator Barragán’s bold illustrations (pencil, cut paper, and gouache, with some extra computer enhancement) are colorful and cheerful with contagious pink -lipped smiles on her characters… Abrazos (hugs) for Mora and all the contributors for this one.