Lucha Libre

By School Library Journal

Going to a lucha libre in Mexico City with his grandfather is exciting in itself, but the young narrator of this engaging story is thrilled at being allowed to buy a mask like those worn by the luchadores.

Carlitos chooses a silver one just like that of his favorite wrestler. From their seats at ringside, the fights are exciting, including a face-to-face encounter with the boy’s hero, the Man in the Silver Mask. Astute readers will easily pick up on the identity of the masked man, and all will increase their knowledge of the Mexican version of the World Wrestling Federation.

Smoothly integrated information in fluid colloquial English and Spanish combines with grainy graphic-novel-style illustrations executed in acrylic to create an oddly compelling and sophisticated package. An informative endnote, in English only, presents a brief but engrossing history of lucha libre. Certain to be a popular choice.