Montgomery and the Case of the Golden Key

By Booklist

Crowder’s New Visions Award–winning novel follows newly 10-year-old Montgomery Carver in 2008 as he seeks the secrets of a mysterious golden key found in his neighborhood in South Side Chicago. Monty, intent on proving his independence in a city that is bustling with historical what-ifs, decides to embark on this mission on his own. The big events never stop for his community, either: between possibly hosting the Olympics and possibly being the home of the next history-making president of the United States, Barack Obama, Chicago continues to thrum with excitement. Add to this a possible ghost case that Monty needs to solve and he really has his hands full. Including heartfelt journal entries and vibrant illustrations from Sorra, this voice-y novel is an unforgettable adventure through a nostalgic decade, showcasing the times right before they were about to change.