Oh No, Domino!

By John L. Hoh Jr., Book Ideas

This delightful children's book focuses on round things. The unnamed narrator takes his/her (gender indecipherable in the illustration) dog, Domino, to play catch. . . . But it appears Domino has a problem with round shapes. Domino is sent to retrieve the ball that was tossed. But instead of the ball Domino brings back a round flower, an apple, a balloon, a bubble (hard as that is to believe), Domino's own spot (what a trick!), and the sun. But Domino didn't bring back the ball. So where is the ball? And where is Ana the cat? No age range is given, but most small children will enjoy the colorful pictures with many, many round shapes. They will also like the delightful CD in case mom or dad’s voice gives out. But beware, mom and dad, you may be stalled on the pages with no text as the child will want to explore the rich tapestries of shapes on those pages.