Paul Robeson

By School Library Journal

The legendary activist, singer, and actor receives a fitting update to Greenfield’s stirring 1975 biography (HarperCollins, o.p.). From his father’s escape from slavery to Robeson’s rise in celebrity and stature, the purposeful text highlights the monumental influences on this man’s multifaceted life. Robeson’s outcry against racism abroad and his subsequent struggle under McCarthyism reveal the tumultuous conditions during the Civil Rights Movement. Succinct phrases depict the public’s faltering opinion of Robeson’s controversial beliefs and his perseverance in the face of adversity. Vibrant, monochromatic acrylic illustrations from the original edition use shading and depth to convey tremendous emotion. Powerful movements and vivid expressions enhance the narrative. Against a rich, cream background, fluid lines convey a bold intensity. An updated afterword describes the activist’s numerous posthumous accolades, including his Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. This book offers a fully developed portrayal of the man.