Rebellion (Tankborn #3)

By School Library Journal

Readers who enjoyed Tankborn (2011) and Awakening (2013), will relish the final installment of the trilogy. Set on the planet of Loka, a primarily inhabitable place where survivors took refuge after Earth’s complete annihilation, the series focuses on the starcrossed romance between Kayla (a genetically engineered nonhuman, or GEN) and Derek, a wealthy, upper class trueborn (human). The pair lives in a technologically advanced, but complicated society that is defined by status. Both become involved with an underground organization that seeks freedom for all GENs, but when the movement splinters and terrorist bombs are dropped on innocent people, the lines between good and bad and human and nonhuman, become blurred. Having been separated by a devastating explosion in the previous volume, they are each told the other is dead. A helpful glossary on unique names in the dystopian world is appended. Sandler, a former software engineer, uses her technology experience to craft a richly detailed story where electronic circuitry controls everything—from reproduction and parenting to memories, travel, and even life. Best read sequentially to appreciate the characters’ development, this conclusion will delight fans of Kayla and Derek’s love story.