Seaside Dream

By Kirkus Reviews

Extended family and friends are arriving for Cora’s Grandma’s birthday, and the air is full of Crioulo (African-influenced Portuguese) words, while the kitchen is full of Cape Verdean food reminiscent of what Grandma ate in her African homeland. Cora, who lives next door, misses her grandmother’s exclusive attention and wonders what to give her for a birthday present. Realistic, sometimes stiff acrylic illustrations portray Cora and her family and their American seaside home. When Cora and her grandmother steal some time together to go on a moonlit walk by the water, Cora learns that her grandmother left Africa and Cora’s great aunt, Aura, behind because of poverty and starvation. Grandma doubts she’ll ever make the journey back, and that night, Cora dreams of Aura and comes up with the perfect gift idea. A moving portrayal of a grandparent-grandchild relationship as well as a distinctive take on universal aspects of immigration. Includes a glossary and author’s note with information on Cape Verde and the author’s family.