Seven Golden Rings

By Shelf Awareness

In ancient India, a shrewd boy improves his fortune--and those of his fellow citizens--by demonstrating that critical thinking is the most valuable skill one can possess. Adventure, suspense and a surprise ending make Rajani LaRocca's enchanting picture book debut, Seven Golden Rings, an amusing lesson about the importance of math. Bhagat and his mother are struggling to make ends meet in their small, remote village. When Bhagat learns that the rajah is holding auditions for the royal music troupe, he tells his mother he will travel to the city and try to win a place as the rajah's singer. Giving him one rupee and her last items of value, seven golden rings from her wedding necklace, Bhagat's mother tells him, "Remember... you are a fine singer. But you are an even finer thinker." The determined boy makes the trip, then has to survive in the city for a week on one rupee and seven necklace links while he waits for the rajah's summons. LaRocca (Midsummer Mayhem) uses the dedication and perseverance of her protagonist as something of a magical element, making the endearing Seven Golden Rings feel like a fairy tale. The alluring, atmospheric digital art by Archana Sreenivasan (Desert Girl, Monsoon Boy) adds a genuine sense of time and place, an excellent introduction to young readers who may be experiencing their first taste of India. Together, writer and artist take their audience on a lively quest to uncover the key to success--and the rajah's favor. Discover: A young Indian boy applies math and critical thinking skills in his endeavor to win a place in the rajah's court.