Shame the Stars


Joaquín sees tensions boiling up between Tejano insurgents and the Texas Rangers. Wanting to do his part, Joaquín reacts and publishes an incendiary poem in a local paper. His publication drives a wedge between his family and the family of his beloved Dulceña, forcing them to meet in secret. At one such meeting, Dulceña is nearly raped by two lawmen, and Joaquín now realizes how bad things have become. Trying to get justice for Dulceña, Joaquín discovers his family's deep involvement in the Tejano's fight against rampant vigilantism and lawlessness and uncovers the role that everyone around him plays in the fight against injustice. But it is not until a critical juncture when loved ones are killed and imprisoned that Joaquín must decide if he can stand up with only his words in order to make a difference This novel offers a deeply moving look at the Mexican Revolution in Texas from 1913 to 1916 through the eyes of a passionately sensitive young man. A well-paced plot is surrounded by an atmospheric and richly realized picture of Texas and its inhabitants during this period of great stress. Addressing issues of race and gender, the novel is balanced so well that readers will deepen their understanding without feeling like they have been forced into the knowledge. Juxtaposed with fiction and nonfiction texts and with just a touch of Romeo and Juliet, the novel offers much for classroom applications, and its beautiful love story and rich historical vision offer find much for pleasure readers to enjoy.