Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds

By Brizmus Blogs Books

Most people could benefit from this book, and it is such a pleasant read that I think anyone would enjoy it. It is especially great, though, for classroom reading, especially in more underprivileged areas. . . . This is one of those fabulous books that makes kids curious about learning. The story of Sammy Lee’s fight for racial freedom, his struggle balanding his father’s wishes and his own, and of his determination in all his endeavours is nothing short of inspiring. His struggle as a Korean American trying to become an Olympic swimmer was so inspiring that I almost cried. Any child who reads this book will, by the end, have no doubt that the final phrase is true: “In America, you can achieve anything if you set your heart to it.” As such, this is a great story for a teacher to read with his class. . . . Each image was beautifully drawn with such obvious love and care that they were all inspiriations in and of themselves. —Brizmus Blogs Books