Stone River Crossing

By Dawn Quigley, PhD, Turtle Mountain Ojibwe Nation, author of APPLE IN THE MIDDLE

Only master Choctaw storyteller, Tim Tingle, could create such a moving tale of friendship reaching across the Bok Chitto River. Not only was this a braiding of Choctaw stories and history, but one of bridging the gap between two historic worlds: the free Native Choctaws and the cruel reality of the slaves. These two sides, who are seemingly only a stone’s throw apart, truly come to understand that “Illvpa ittibai foyuka”, We are all in this together- which is a poignant message for modern times. Threaded throughout Tingle’s story are Choctaw nuggets of wisdom and language adding to the richness and cultural depth of Lil Mo’s physical journey across the Bok Chitto, but also the crossing into friendship and the wisdom of the elders. I tore through the book, fueled by the fast-paced action, humor and mystery which kept drawing me in! I keep thinking about Lil Mo and his journey. Tingle masterfully weaves together this highly recommended story.  Stone River Crossing is a must read for all who know what it’s like to strive to grow and learn about: freedom, friendship and fortitude.