Summer Sun Risin'

By Kirkus Reviews

Sunny acrylic and oil paintings on textured paper coupled with verses featuring colloquial language portray a summer day in the life of a hardworking African-American farm family. It’s not all work and no play on this farm, however, the affectionate family makes time for “fishin’” and “readin’” after a long day spent milking cows, feeding animals, wiring a chicken coop, mowing, and hoeing in the hot sun. The folksy text is full of homespun details, like the description of a farm breakfast, featuring “Fritters in a pan, coffee in the pot.” It’s complemented by bright, stylized illustrations that inspire a virtual sweat as readers follow the family through their chores and feel their tired satisfaction at the end of the day. The rhythmic verses beg to be read aloud, and the colors and typeface are bold enough for group sharing. A cheery introduction to farm life and simple poetry.