The Witch Owl Parliament (Clockwork Curandera #1)

By Booklist

In this electric series opener, an all-star team of Latinx creators tells the story of Cristina, a curandera who is killed by witch owls and revived by her brother, who couldn't bear to lose her. When Enrique brings his sister back from the dead using sacrilegious means, she, like Frankenstein's creature, is rejected by their community. But Enrique's actions gave her surprising powers, and she decides to use her renewed existence and skills for the good of her country and its denizens, with the help of Enrique and a skinwalker called Mateo. Set in a steampunk-inspired nineteenth-century Mexico, the story draws on Indigenous folklore and other traditions, in a fascinating blend of magic and culture, which is very effectively conveyed through Raúl the Third's dynamic artwork, predominantly in black with red and green accents. This first book in a planned trilogy is being released simultaneously in both Spanish and English. Following the comic is a short story that acts as a sort of prequel, telling the story of Cristina becoming an apprentice curandera.