There's No Base Like Home

By Booklist

Now that she’s in middle school, Sophia Garcia dreams of following in her sister’s footsteps and playing for the Waves softball team. Devastatingly, she doesn’t make the cut, but not making that particular team turns out to be a blessing in disguise. During tryouts, shy Sophia meets Teresa, an outgoing girl whose mother is forming another team, the Quakes. Sophia is invited to join the Quakes, and though she starts out warming the bench, she scores ample playing time once she switches from pitcher to outfielder. While she succeeds at softball, Sophia must cope with almost losing her best friend and the disappointment of having busy parents who can’t attend many games. Additionally, she’s dealing with the arrival of adolescent hormones and feels she has little support. How wrong she is! Her ‘home base’ is as strong as ever. The Mendoza sisters’ strong bond shines throughout their engagingly illustrated collaboration, resulting in a wonderful story of family and friendship that will quickly become an MVP among softball-fiction fans.