Toddler Two

By Kirkus Reviews

Suen’s simple tale celebrates the number two. As a pair of Asian-American toddlers gleefully scamper about their yard, they learn about the significance of the numeral. From ears to legs, these inquisitive tots investigate the many pairs that comprise their anatomy: two hands build a sandcastle; two feet race down the yard to kick a ball; two legs purposefully propel a swing… Suen’s brief verses are accompanied by a two-page spread, each containing either a lift-the-flap or a fold-out flap. Cheon’s full-color collages expand the tale. The ingeniously designed flaps convey both movement and energy in the illustrations… Utilizing stitching to accentuate textures and details on the vibrantly colored material, she creates vivid, multidimensional pages for little ones to peruse. The sturdily constructed flaps and pages will withstand repeated handlings. Simply told and winsomely illustrated, this captures the ebullience of toddlerhood. A treat to be shared again and again.