Under My Hijab

By School Library Journal

A young girl sees women in her family wearing a hijab in unique ways when they are in public, and how they keep their hair at home. Impressed by these women in her life, she emulates their style and wonders how she will wear a hijab when she is older. The book has a beautiful message for both Muslim and non-Muslim readers. It affirms a positive message for young Muslim girls who are hesitant to wear a hijab because they think that they will be ridiculed or rejected in society. It takes away the fear that they won’t be able to continue certain activities in their life if they wear a hijab. For non-Muslim readers, this title answers many questions in an effortless manner such as “Do you wear hijab at home?” “Do you sleep in hijab?” etc. VERDICT This is a book that offers great representation and inspires readers to accept everyone just the way they are. A timely story that breaks down many stereotypes and negative feelings about hijabs. A perfect selection to reinforce religious freedoms and self-expression.