Under the Mesquite

By Crazy Quilts Blog

Guadelupe Garcia McCall writes from memories of her own teen years to create this coming of age story. Lupita, the oldest of eight children has a very close relationship with her mother because of the responsibilities she has to help her family. This closeness makes secrets difficult and Lupita soon finds out her mother is seriously ill. The young girl worries about her mother and does more to help out at home while at the same time trying to come to terms with her own identity at school. McCall metaphorically uses elements of nature to describe relationships and characteristics not only in the title, but throughout the story.

In Under the Mesquite McCall writes of all the elements necessary for a young girl to become a woman: the voices of matriarchs, the fathers, friends and teachers who each add to lessons that provide guidance along the way. She creates a character with whom readers can easily identify. </br></br>