Vanishing Cultures: Frozen Land

By School Library Journal

Appealing full-color photographs and a simple but descriptive text introduce the traditional values and customs of an Inuit family living on an inlet of Hudson Bay. An introduction and an ‘About This Book’ section provide additional information about the Qamanituaq people. The photographs capture the colors and feel of the Arctic land and these Eskimo people engaged in traditional activities. . . . Numerous Eskimo words, printed in italics, are defined. Fishing, hunting, skin cleaning, sewing clothing, customs, building an igloo, and drum dancing are described through the eyes of a young girl and her family. Reynolds shows respect for and sensitivity to the traditional life style. . . . this book’s focus on the relationship of the Inuits to their natural surroundings and the loss of traditional ways to the influence of foreigners who have come to the land, make this title a worthwhile purchase.