Zain's Super Friday

By Publishers Weekly

On Friday morning, young Zain begins the day “ready to save the world” from aliens invading the kitchen, but his father says that they’re heading to jumu’ah prayers. Cloaked in a red superhero cape, Zain goes with his father to the mosque, stopping to suggest he use his “ultra speed” to see if aliens are hiding at the playground. His father says they must make wudu before prayer, and they arrive in time to perform the cleansing practice. Next, they listen to the khutbah, and when Zain goes to the front of the room, the child helps to lead prayer alongside the imam, before a surprise from Zain’s father results in an afternoon of play. Khan weaves Zain’s interests throughout, as when “heat powers” help him to dry his feet after wudu and a “super jump” helps him reach the mosque donation box. Riaz’s saturated digital illustrations likewise incorporate superpower-related emanata in a title that celebrates the bonds between a father and son, the power of imagination, and the strength of faith and tradition.