Make a Grandma and Me Scrapbook

By Anastasia Suen

Make a Grandma and Me Scrapbook
A Homeschool Activity for
Singing with Momma Lou

by Linda Jacobs Altman
illustrated by Larry Johnson

Activity by Anastasia Suen

Make a Grandma and Me scrapbook for Mother's Day. Like Momma Lou, you can use photos and newspaper clippings. Or you can fill your scrapbook with drawings of you and your grandmother. Start when you were a baby and move all the way up to today. What did the two of you look like? What did you do together? Add those memories to your scrapbook!

What will your scrapbook look like? Traditional scrapbooks are made with paper. You can make your own scrapbook pages with paper, stamps, stickers and more.

You might want to try a digital scrapbook. You can even add music! Happy creating!

Author/educator Anastasia Suen began teaching in the home. The author of over 100 books for children, she has also taught kindergarten to college in the classroom. Today homeschoolers use her blogs for book activities, reading lists, and writing lessons.

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