Write Your Own Color Poem

By Anastasia Suen

Write Your Own Color Poem
A Homeschool Activity for
Black All Around

by Patricia Hubbell
illustrated by Don Tate

Activity by Anastasia Suen

Black All Around begins…

Look high,
look low,
look everywhere . . .
The wonderful color black is there!

In her BookTalk, poet Patricia Hubbell talks about how she started writing…

"I got started writing by sitting up in a tree, looking out over the meadow and reservoir across from my home, thinking about what I saw."

Now it's your turn. What is your favorite color? Write it down and then make a list of things with that color.

Take a few of those words and use your five senses to add more details. That will stretch your words into phrases.

Look at your phrases and decide what happens first, second, third, etc.

Rewrite your phrases in that order and see what you think. Add a word here and there - and take out a few too. That's what poets do!

There are 30 ways to celebrate Poetry Month in April. Recite your poem to family and friends or organize a poetry reading. End the month with A Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 30, 2009. Carry your poem in your pocket and share it with those you meet!

Happy writing!

Author/educator Anastasia Suen began teaching in the home. The author of over 100 books for children, she has also taught kindergarten to college in the classroom. Today homeschoolers use her blogs for book activities, reading lists, and writing lessons.

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