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Lee & Low Books Inc. (“Lee & Low”) creates educator resources and content and provides them on its website ( in support of our mission to “meet the need for stories that children of color can identify with and that all children can enjoy.” Lee & Low Books welcomes you to use our educator resources and content for personal, educational, informational, and non-commercial purposes. By using the Lee & Low website, you accept and agree to abide by the following terms, which apply only to the abovementioned educator resources and content, and not to the books published by Lee & Low or to other Lee & Low products.

Terms of Use
Lee & Low is the owner of Lee & Low-created resources and content that are posted on the website, which consist of text, images, graphics, photographs, audio, and/or videos. Our educational resources and content include teacher’s guides, author and illustrator interviews, blog posts, lesson plans, audio, videos, book activities, and worksheets. We have created these materials with the explicit purpose to better serve all those striving to inspire and support the next generation of readers.

We invite you to download, post, share, link, and copy our Lee & Low-created resources and content to better serve your educational needs. Any and all Lee & Low educator materials must be posted in full, in their original form, and preserved in whole, not in part. When posted or linked, Lee & Low educator resources and content must remain unmodified and with Lee & Low cited as the source of the material.

No Lee & Low educator resources and content may be republished or included in a lesson plan, anthology, textbook, commercial curriculum, program, or product without written permission from Lee & Low.

Lee & Low educator resources and content may be reprinted for use in PreK–12 or higher education classrooms or out-of-school educational settings. You may photocopy, print, and share materials with colleagues, families, and students. In classrooms or educational settings, you may adapt our resources and content to fit your students or program’s participants.

All Lee & Low educator resources and content must be made freely and broadly available to the public, whereby they are accessible with non-exclusive and unfettered access. They may not be behind any pay wall. No fee may be charged to access educator resources and content developed by Lee & Low. No paid subscriptions may be required to view and use any Lee & Low educator resources and content.

Lee & Low reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate any link or posting from any website.

Credit and Acknowledgement
Credit and acknowledgment that these are Lee & Low-created educator resources and content should be posted with the link or file (e.g., “Check out the Baseball Saved Us teacher’s guide by Lee & Low Books, an independent children’s book publisher focusing on diversity.”). When possible, link to the Lee & Low website as the source of the material.

Links to Third Parties contains links to other websites controlled by third parties. Any links to third party websites and resources are provided solely as a convenience. These third party sites are unrelated to Lee & Low, and your use of such third party sites and services is subject to the terms and policies of those services.

User Submissions
In some instances on the Lee & Low website user-submitted content is specifically invited or requested. Any content invited or requested remains the intellectual property of the person or organization that submitted it. By allowing Lee & Low to post or link your content to, you grant Lee & Low the non-exclusive right to post and display such content. Credit and acknowledgment that these are third party-created resources will be posted with the link or file. When possible, we will link directly to the third party website as the source of the content. Lee & Low will post user-submitted content and links in their original form and make them freely and broadly available to the public.

You do not need to formally request permission to display, transmit, or download Lee & Low educator resources and content. You may share these materials with your educator community on your school, classroom, educational, personal, organization, or literacy education-focused website.

Contact Information
If you have questions or would like to learn about opportunities to share your lesson plans, book activities, or other content with our educator community, please contact Jill Eisenberg, Director of Curriculum & Literacy Strategy, at jeisenberg [at] leeandlow [dot] com.

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