2002 New Voices Award Winners

We are proud to announce that Adrienne Lorraine Bayton of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the winner of our New Voices Honor Award for 2002. Her dynamic story, Dance, Nishi, Dance, features an exuberant young girl who delights in expressing herself through dance. For as long as Nishi can remember, she has been dancing, and everyone loves to watch her-family, friends, even people in the supermarket. But one day, the dancing stops and the twinkle in Nishi's eye seems to fade. Her concerned parents discover the obstacle and encourage Nishi to keep dancing and being herself no matter what happens.

A graduate of Swarthmore College, Adrienne Lorraine Bayton is a young African American artist who uses her talents to benefit her community. She is currently involved in Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program, which works to beautify the city through mural installations and offers a strong youth outreach program to encourage young people to express themselves in a positive, creative way. Ms. Bayton is also creating a mural for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center in Philadelphia. She hopes that writing and illustrating for children will become a growing part of her future.

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